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Annual Reports and Minutes


The Gilford Islands Association holds an annual meeting each summer usually in July.  The activities of that meeting are published in the annual meeting minutes.

Summer Meeting Minutes 2023

Summer Meeting Minutes 2022

Annual Minutes 2021


Annual Minutes 2020 (no meeting held due to Covid)

Annual Minutes 2019

Annual Minutes 2018

Annual Minutes 2017


Annual Minutes 2016


A winter meeting is usually held in March.  The purpose is to socialize, have a meal together and learn something of interest about the lake.  Business can be conducted at this meeting and minutes are kept. 


Meeting Minutes: March 2, 2019 winter meeting


Letters are also sent to members to update them on the latest news.

E-Letter February 1, 2020 

E-Letter March 7, 2021

E-Letter June 13, 2019

E-Letter May 28, 2019
E-Letter May 14, 2019
E-Letter April 24 ,2019

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