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The Town of Gilford regulates the operation of the Glendale Facility for use by residents, property owners and their guests.  It is open from April 1 to October 31. The facility includes boat launches, docks, parking lots, trailer parking, trash receptacles, restrooms and mailboxes  During the summer months the police have representatives to ensure the smooth operation of the facility and compliance with the rules.



For many islanders, the docks at Glendale are the gateway to their lives on the islands. Every summer the same scenes of arrivals and departures play out over and over.  Islanders and their families arrive and pull up to the docks. Fond greetings are exchanged, cars are unloaded, boats are loaded and the family happily head out to their island home. There to enjoy the peace and tranquility of a simpler life. Meanwhile, some families arrive at the docks by boat from their island homes to shop, run errands or pick up their mail on the mainland.  Others are leaving the island and will unload their boats, load up their cars, give fond farewells and leave for home. Summers are always a busy time at the docks.

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Each year the town holds Island Clean-up Day on the last Saturday in July. This year it will be on July 25, 2020. The Public Works Department staff bring dump trucks and assist the islanders in removing their items for disposal.  

The NH Marine Patrol  offices are located next to Glendale as well.

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glendale marine patrol bldg at night.jpg
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