Library Reference List

As part of a memorial to a founding member,Shirley Burns,  several members have embarked on a project to locate and catalog books, periodicals, newspapers, personal papers, pictures and artifacts to aid new and old island property owners find out more about their island’s history.  

The following is a list of the books found in the Gilford Public Library.


If you have information or materials you would like to add to our index, please contact us at


  • Bear Island Reflections ed. by Jack Mersels (2000) NH 974.2 Bea

  • Boats and Ports of Lake Winnipesaukee by Bruce Heald (1997) NH 974.2 Hea

  • Boats and Ports of Lake Winnipesaukee Volume II by Bruce Heald (1997) NH 974.2 Hea

  • Camp Island by Jack Boyd (1986) NH 974.2

  • Winnipesaukee cuisine presents hungry for summer: a unique collection of favorite recipes from the island residents of Lake Winnipesaukee by Jeannette Buell and Daryl Thompson (2010) COOKING NEW ENGLAND Bue

  • Early Days at Jolly Island: The First Seventy-Five Years of the Jolly Island Association. No Author (No Date) NH 974.2 Ear

  • The Gilford Islands by Russell Folsom (1978) NH 974.2 Fol

  • The History of Birch and Steamboat Islands Lake Winnipesaukee New Hampshire 1886-1969 by Emery L. Bradford and Clarence Prouty Shedd (1970) NH 974.2 His

  • A History of Eagle Island in Gilford, New Hampshire by Corning Benton (1994) NH 974.2 Ben

  • A History of Eagle Island on Lake Winnipesaukee in Gilford, Belknap County, New Hampshire by Corning Benton (2000) NH 974.2 Ben

  • A History of Lock’s Island Lake Winnipesaukee, Gilford, New Hampshire by W. Flanders Smith (1980) NH 974.2 Smi

  • The Islands of Winnipesaukee by Ron Guilmette and Jay Leccese (2014) 974.2 Gui

  • Jolly Island: One Hundred Years 1893-1993 by the Jolly Island Centennial Committee (1993) NH 974.2

  • Mail service on the lake by Bruce D. Heald (2000) NH 974.2 Hea

  • Sands of Time: Sandy Island Camp, the First 100 Years no author (1998) NH 974.2 San

  • The Story of Welch Island Through 1945 by Mary Gillett Davis Donsker (No date) NH 974.2 Don

  • The above information is located in the NH Room at the Library

  • The Gunstock Parish:  A History of Gilford, New  Hampshire by Adair Mulligan, (1995) 974.2 pp 228-268

  • Hungry For Summer, A Unique Collection of Favorite Recipes from the Island Residents of Lake Winnipesaukee, Jeannette Buell and Daryl Thompson (2010)

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