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Gilford Islands Forum Guidelines

Gilford Islands Association members are invited to discuss topics related to island life in the GIA forum. Participation indicates you agree to the following simple guidelines.... be respectful, relevant and keep advertising to the For Sale section.


  • Please consider keeping your profile public and using your real name when you sign up so that we can get to know one another.

  • Please be respectful. Offensive posts and personal attacks will be removed. 

  • Please keep posts relevant. Your posts should relate to the subject indicated by the category. Topics are specifically related to lake life. If you have an idea for another topic please let us know. 

  • Please limit sales, services or advertising to the For Sale category. Advertising in other categories will be removed.

Forum Moderators Sue Colbert (Welch), Ansje Burdick (Timber) and Nancy Birge (Mark) reserve the right to delete offensive posts and remove members who don't abide by the above agreements. 

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