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Member Passings


When a friend or family member informs us of a member who is now deceased, we will publish information about their passing.

If you would like to notify us of a passing, please contact Jim MacBride at 603 817-3386 and tell him the name of the deceased, date of death, and where the obituary can be found. Also include what island they lived on.


Five years will be kept on this page.  Prior years can be found in the Archives. Not all listings have an obituary available. 

Dr. Nelson Maynard, Welch, October 13, 2023

Sue Wilhelmy, formerly Welch, September 18, 2023

Peter Sawyer, Camp, June 13, 2023

Susan MacBride, Welch, April 21, 2022

Tom Mullen, Welch, March 21, 2022

Karl B Malafey, Welch, March 19, 2022

John Goodhue, Formerly Mark, December 25, 2021

Lloyd Eckholm, Welch, December 12, 2021

Robert "Bob" Ierardi, Round, May 18, 2021

Mary Randall Vaiden, Welch, June 3, 2021

"Bud" Willard Martin, Welch, April 5, 2021

Albert St. Cyr, Camp, March 31, 2021

Harold Dexter, Welch, January 12, 2021

Jim Murphy, Welch, August 14, 2020

Maxine Derby, Lockes, June 30, 2020

Stephanie Ann Burns, Welch, June 23, 2020

Edwin Buczak, Welch Island, January 20, 2020

Ron Silver, Jolly Island, March 20, 2019

Howard Hardin, Diamond Island, February 03, 2019
Gordon Denley, Welch Island, February 13, 2019

Dorothy (Dot) Pangburn, Lockes Island, June 30, 2018

Elizabeth (Betsy) Stettner, Lockes Island, September 28, 2017

Helen Denley, Welch Island, July 26, 2017

Dick Keating, Mark Island, Early 2017

Douglas Mackenzie, Welch Island, Spring 2017

Terri Ellen Donsker, Lockes Island, May 16, 2017

Jack Stephenson, Camp Island, February 18, 2017

Shirley Burns, Welch Island, January 18, 2017

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